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Sponsoring New AMSOIL Dealers

Multiply your profits by building and managing your own sales group.

Sponsoring New Dealers Can Dramatically Boost Your Income

OU can earn more by sponsoring other people as AMSOIL dealers, and helping them build their businesses as you build yours. When you sponsor new Dealers and Preferred Customers (just like you would be sponsored as a Dealer), you are building a "Downline Group". The commission value of your groups' purchases is added to yours, increasing the percentage of your commission and giving you a bigger commission check!

You sponsored 3 Dealers and 3 Preferred Customers. All of them have earned or purchased a value of 300 commission credits in the month, plus you have earned 606.30 in commission credits yourself:

Your Own Sales 606.65
Dealer 1's Sales 300.00
Dealer 2's Sales 300.00
Dealer 3's Sales 300.00
Preferred Customer #1's Purchase 300.00
Preferred Customer #2's Purchase 300.00
Preferred Customer #3's Purchase 300.00
Total for Your Group 2406.65
Commission Schedule
5000.00 25%*
4000.00 24%*
3000.00 23%
2500.00 20%
2000.00 17%
1500.00 14%
1000.00 11%
500.00 8%
300.00 5%
100.00 2%
*with sponsoring requirement

In this example, AMSOIL would send out commission checks totaling $409.13 (17% of 2406.65). The total paid to your Dealers would be $45.00 (5% of 300.00, or $15.00 each), and the rest is your to keep. For your 606.65 commission credits you receive $364.13 instead of $48.53 (your regular Dealer commission), just by sponsoring new Dealers and Preferred Customers who generate commission credits.

As your group's purchases reach and maintain a monthly level of 3000 commission credits, you attain the level of Direct Jobber. You can earn up to 25% at the 5000 commission credits level. Direct Jobbers are also eligible to earn Direct Jobber Performance Commissions.

Note: Preferred Customers purchase AMSOIL products at Dealer cost and generate commission credits the same as Dealers. Preferred Customers do not receive commission checks. Sponsors of Preferred Customers receive all commission credits generated by the Preferred Customer purchases.

Performance Commissions

Earn extra bonuses by building and maintaining your sales group and by helping your Dealers build too.

As your group's earnings grow to the 3000 commissions level and they sponsor their own groups, they become Direct Jobbers, too. Then, instead of adding their purchases to yours, you earn a Direct Jobber Performance Commission. Depending on how many of your Dealers become Direct Jobbers, you can earn from 5% to 9% on the total purchases of all these groups.

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