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AMSOIL Sales to Fund Raising Accounts

Fund Raising Accounts Are A Great Opportunity For Both Dealers And Organizations. Organizations Earn Retail Profits And Commissions Through Sales To Members And Supporters. Dealers Receive A Higher Commission Level.

S IGNING UP ORGANIZATIONS for the AMSOIL Fund Raising Program allows organizations to sell AMSOIL products via the Internet and through AMSOIL catalogs. Organizations receive their own account number which members and supporters use to order products through the catalogs and over the Internet. The retail profits from the sales along with the commissions generated go directly to the Fund Raising Account. AMSOIL INC handles all order taking, shipping, billing, and returns.

As an AMSOIL dealer working the Fund Raising Program, you are gaining access to many potential retail customers, downline dealers, and Preferred Customers. In addition, as the sponsoring dealer, your Fund Raising Account's monthly commissions are calculated into your commission level, increasing the level of commissions you receive.

If a motorcycle club has 10 members, and each member purchases a single case of AMSOIL 10W-40 synthetic Motorcycle Oil, the organization earns the following profits:

Quantity Product Suggested Retail Dealer Cost Retail Profit Commission Credits
10 MCF-01 $672.00 $510.00 $162.00 396

Just as in sponsoring dealers, the commission value of your Fund Raising Account's purchases is added to your commission credit totals from other sources, increasing the percentage of your total commissions. In this example, the full 396 commission credits are added.

The total commission paid to the Fund Raising Account would be $19.80 (5% of 396 commission credits). In addition, the Fund Raising Account would receive the $162.00 in retail profits.

For more information on the Fund Raising Program, see the G-1584 Fund Raising brochure.

To find out more about these and other opportunities as an AMSOIL dealer, just click the link below, or email me at . I'll try to answer any questions you might have.

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