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AMSOIL BMK-22 Dual-Gard By-Pass Oil Filter System

We Took The Performance Built Into Our Standard Big Truck Bypass Filters, And Put It Into A Much More Convenient And Versatile Package
...Dave Anderson, Director of Mechanical R & D

Filtration Efficiency Comparison Chart

Proof from the Test Labs

Wear tests have shown that particles of contamination in the sub-20 micron range are most harmful to rings and bearings. Most trucks are sold with a full-flow filter as their only oil cleansing unit. A study by the Milwaukee School of Engineering determined the filtering efficiency of four top-selling full-flow filters compared with a EaBP90 AMSOIL Spin-On By-Pass Filter. The graph shows the ByPass functioning at 97.6% efficiency in removing particles as small as 3 microns, a feat no full-flow filter can match.

The AMSOIL Dual Gard System Provides Versatility, Convenience, Superb Engine Protection, and Safety

Accommodates any two AMSOIL Spin-on By-Pass Filter Elements. Their unique internal flow director and follower spring system provide a non-channeling filter media.

Elements spin on and off for fast, neat filter changes.

The stacked-disc type by-pass filter has been shown to reduce piston ring and rod/main bearing wear 75% to 91% (Society of Automotive Engineers paper 881826).

Dual-Gard System Illustration

By-Pass Safety:
A metering orifice inside the mount controls the oil flow so that it never draws more than 10% of the oil pump's capacity. At an engine speed of 45 mph, the AMSOIL Dual-Gard By-Pass Filter cleans all of the oil in the system every 5 - 10 minutes (depending on engine RPM, sump size, and oil pump ratio).

The Dual-Gard Mounting Kit:
The BMK-22 kit contains a mount, mounting hardware, a restriction fitting, and two 3/4"-16 to 1/4" JIC fittings. Complete installation instructions are included, along with an additional parts list of plumbing hose and fittings available separately from AMSOIL. Spin-On filter elements, available in three sizes, should be purchased separately in pairs based on sump size or available space in the engine compartment. The following is merely a guide, since the larger the element used, the less frequently it will have to be changed.

  • For a crankcase sump of 15 to 18 quarts, use two (2) EaBP90 filter elements.
  • For a crankcase sump of 15 to 30 quarts, use two (2) EaBP100 filter elements.
  • For a crankcase sump of 15 to 42 quarts, use two (2) EaBP110 filter elements.

Your AMSOIL By-Pass Filters will last twice as long as your regular filter, so change them only half as often.

Other Applications:
  • Stationary Engines
  • Large Compressors
  • Electric Generators
  • Construction Piggy-Backs
  • Filter-Pump Carts
  • Agriculture
  • Irrigation
  • Marine Applications
  • Forestry
  • Mining

  • BMK-22 Installation and Servicing Instructions
  • Filter Change Interval Recommendations
  • AMSOIL By-Pass Filter Replacement Chart
  • Complete Parts List for All By-Pass Filter Models

    • BMK-22 Mounting Kit
    • EaBP90 Spin-On By-Pass Element
    • EaBP100 Spin-On By-Pass Element
    • EaBP110 Spin-On By-Pass Element

    NOTE: Contact your AMSOIL Dealer or call the AMSOIL Technical Services Dept at 715-392-7101 if you have any questions about the systems above.

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