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AMSOIL Dealer Compensation Plan

N addition to the time-honored method of direct, personal selling, there are other avenues for substantial increases in your income.


Developing a large dealer network is where you build the financial stability, security, and potentially large income for you and your family.

We see many people in today's economy looking for ways to supplement their income, or develop a secure income for future retirement! We find that most of our dealers have ASKED US to become an Amsoil dealer and build a business of their own. Many customers become so excited about the products that they tell others who also want to purchase Amsoil products. Then they realize that "they can make money doing this" and decide to become Amsoil dealers. This will happen to you also.

As you develop a network of Amsoil dealers (with the assistance of your sponsor), THOSE dealers will also set up Commercial Accounts, Retail on the Shelf Accounts, conduct Personal Sales, and develop other Dealers. All of the sales (commission credits) developed by your personal group of dealers is added to your volume. You are then paid (on a sliding scale) depending an the amount of volume you and your group have created that month (as much as 25%!). We see many dealers who develop exceptional amounts of volume each month. (Please refer to example later in this article.)


         Commission Credits            Your Commission
         for One Month                 Percent
         100                           2%
         300                           5%
         500                           8%
         1,000                         11%
         1,500                         14%
         2,000                         17%
         2,500                         20%
         3,000 Direct Dealer           23%
         4,000                         24%*
         5,000                         25%*
              (*sponsoring requirement)

Commission credits are generated by all of your non-Direct Jobbers in your entire group of dealers including all Commercial Accounts and Retail on the Shelf Accounts (20% of purchases). The more volume that is created by you and your group of dealers the higher refund you receive!


For each person you sponsor that becomes a Direct Jobber (at least 3 consecutive months of at least $3,000 commission credits each month) you receive a performance commission of between 5 and 9 percent of their commission credits each month. That could be very profitable. Consider that if you had only 10 dealers each generating $10,000 per month you would receive a 7.75% performance commission. That would amount to $7,750 per month and doesn't even include your earnings from the rest of your group, your retail and commercial accounts, personal sales, retail catalog sales, etc!

(All figures in Commission Credits for one Month)

  • Personal sales of $300 will generate a $75 profit for you
  • After five years you should be able to develop 50 solid commercial accounts which could produce a monthly income of $3000 per month.
  • From 50 good retail outlet accounts you could receive another $4000 per month.
  • A dealer network which you have trained could generate about $10,000 volume per month. From this you could realize $1100 per month.

Is that worth spending a few minutes to seriously look into the details of an AMSOIL Business? If so, you can receive immediate details and an application form within seconds by filling out the "Dealer/Preferred Customer Application Request" HERE.

The same form is used to sign up for a Dealership and for Preferred Customer status; you just check a different box. The procedure is explained fully on the application. Remember there is NO OBLIGATION in requesting this information.

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