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AMSOIL Retail Catalog Sales Program

AMSOIL Factory-Direct Catalog Introducing One of the Most Exciting
Aspects of Your AMSOIL Opportunity

OST American business owners can't help but admire the conspicuous successes of companies like L L Bean, Lands' End, and Victoria's Secret, who take catalog marketing to the "next level". The AMSOIL Retail Catalog Program allows AMSOIL Dealers to take advantage of the opportunities presented by this powerful marketing medium, as well.

The Procedure

Getting involved in the catalog program is easy. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Purchase AMSOIL and ALTRUM catalogs from AMSOIL. Call 1-800-777-7094 to order.
  2. Imprint your customer number (ZO number) on the back of your catalogs. This is best accomplished with a customized AMSOIL Rubber Stamp or through custom imprinting (available with large catalog orders).
  3. Distribute catalogs to likely customers. Door-to door delivery, direct mail (the US Postal Service prohibits placing items into mail boxes without proper postage) and trade shows are the best ways. AMSOIL Doorknob Bags (G-1267) and Catalog Envelopes (G-1269) help facilitate the distribution.

From there AMSOIL takes the orders, ships the products, handles returns, does all the paperwork and sends you your compensation. Every AMSOIL product is available through the catalog ordering line, too, so customers can even get products not shown in the catalog.

Retail Catalog Orders for 1 Month (Example):
Catalog Orders Sold At
Dealer Cost Retail Profit Commission Credits
[1] Case TSO-01 0W-30 $ 96.00 $ 72.00 $ 24.00  57.60
[1] Case ANF-06 AntiFreeze $ 89.10 $ 62.10 $ 27.00  30.00
[1] Case GWR-10 Synthetic Water
     Resistant Grease
$ 45.00 $ 32.00 $ 13.00  24.00
[1] Bottle PFM-BC Metal Polish $ 5.20 $ 3.90 $ 1.30  2.90
      $ 65.30*  114.50*

* These retail profits and commission credits would be combined with any others earned for the month from other sources.


The customer number printed on the back of each catalog ensures that every sale and dealership lead generated by a catalog gets attributed to the proper dealer. Compensation for sales is exactly the same as it would be if the product were purchased at Dealer cost and sold at suggested retail, except it is delayed a month to facilitate our return policy.

The catalogs also include general information about the AMSOIL and ALTRUM business opportunities.

Get Your Complete No-Obligation Dealer Information.

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